The Positive Blogger Tag – #Spread Smiles

Today, I'm going to create a bit of an unusual tag for my #Spread Smiles Contest entry. When I began blogging, the idea of creating a tag was far out of reach, to be honest, I didn't even think of it. But now I've created one, and I'm a bit nervous, wondering if it will … Continue reading The Positive Blogger Tag – #Spread Smiles

Can You Ever Comment Too Much?

Recently I have become obsessed with the blog beautyandtheflawed. She has relatable posts, great cooking recipes, and good book recommendations. And one day while I left my 100th comment (am I exaggerating? I don't even know), I wondered 'can you ever comment too much on one blog?'. I had to delay that thought (as I … Continue reading Can You Ever Comment Too Much?