The Positive Blogger Tag – #Spread Smiles

The Positive Blogger Tag Title
Today, I’m going to create a bit of an unusual tag for my #Spread Smiles Contest entry. When I began blogging, the idea of creating a tag was far out of reach, to be honest, I didn’t even think of it. But now I’ve created one, and I’m a bit nervous, wondering if it will be passed around and if it will slowly make the world a better place!

This tag is about you making someone else’s day

So here are the rules:

• Thank the blogger who wrote about you, providing a link to their blog, and creating a positive overview of what they write about

• Choose two or more blogs to write about

• Write about them in the topics that have been set (see below)

• At the end of your post include some sort of quote, image, or your own words talking about why it’s important to smile

• Comment on your nominees blogs and let them know that you have done this tag, as well as let them know that they are the next people nominated to do it

• include the link to the creator of the tags blog (just so I can read the lovely things you all write- thegeckoonline)

• Please include links to the blogs

The topics to write about:

• Why they are such an amazing blogger ( eg. Include what they write about)

• Your favourite of their posts and why

• Why you chose them for this tag 

• Reasons why others should check out their blog

Now it’s my turn to write the first ever positive blogger tag (I think). There were so many fabulous bloggers to choose from but I have narrowed it down to two:


Why she is such an amazing blogger:

Bea gives such amazing blogging advice , chooses beautiful images for her blog posts, has amazing quotes as well as workout tips and has recently started a ‘get to know‘ series which I think is a wonderful way to get to know other bloggers as well as share their blogs. Bea’s posts are such a fun and lighthearted read, you could read her posts for hours (in fact I think I have…). She has a really positive attitude and is extremely kind.

My favourite of her posts:

It’s so hard to choose just one (because they are all equally amazing) but I think February Photos is the one that (at the moment) I am going back to, because did you see those photos? Wow! 

Why I chose her for this tag:

Because recently she has been bombarding everyone with posts (per her April challenge) which I am absolutely loving. She is also very supportive on my blog, as well as great fun to talk with on hers. Also, her posts are always such great quality.

Reasons why you should check out her blog:

Please check out her blog! She does such a wide variety of posts that I’m sure all of you will love, its such an upbeat read that is filled with interesting content.


Why she is such an amazing blogger:

Jade is a newly turned 19 year old blogger (happy birthday) who reviews books, has many diy solutions and activities, cooking recipes, great advice and is a Harry Potter and the walking dead fan. Her blog is filled with such a variety of posts that I haven’t managed to cover them all (that’s why you’ll have to check out her blog yourself 😉)

My favourite of her posts:

Again, this is really hard, but the DIY TBR Jar was the diy solution that I have been needing to get though my long list of books that I have barely touched. It was a really cute and simple solution that you need to try!

Why I chose her for this tag:

Jade was really supportive on my blog when I had only a few readers, and one of the first blogs that I really got into. She always posts with high quality content, that I am always left anticipating in earnest for her next post.

Reasons why you should check out her blog:

Like Beafree, beauty and the flawed is very upbeat and a fun read but with important messages slipped in there as well. Please head over to her blog now!

And my smile quote: use your smile to change the world, don’t let the world change your smile -unknown

I hope you all have lots of fun writing this tag as well as seeing what other people write about!


12 thoughts on “The Positive Blogger Tag – #Spread Smiles

  1. I loveeeeeee this !!! Thank you so much for the oh so kind words! I too enjoy Jade’s blog a lot! I feel so honored that you’ve picked me! I’ll get to this as soon as I can! Thank you again lovely! Have a wonderful day!

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  2. This is such an amazing tag! I feel so very honoured that you’ve chosen me (especially up with the amazing Bea!!) thank you so much♥️
    Ps you’ve made my day/week/month!!😊💕

    Liked by 1 person

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