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Before we get into things, I just want to say a huge thank you for 200 followers! It's amazing to think about how many people are currently reading my blog (or were), I will be doing a celebratory post in recognition of this next week!


I was nominated quite a while ago now to do this tag by the lovely creator – Kiya, from flawed silence. Thank you so much for nominating me to do this beautiful tag, it means a lot!

The following intro from the original launch is a lovely way to get into this tag:

We often feel ugly. 


Because we’re too diverse, too unique, too incredible to be conformed to societies constructions of beautiful. 


And it shouldn’t be that way.


We shouldn’t feel ugly about who we are as an individual. 


We shouldn’t identify as ugly because we aren’t a mirror reflection of social norm. 


We shouldn’t try to be beautiful. Try to tick off all the criteria for what others define as beautiful.


Fitting ourselves into a box created by the media, or what is glorified by famous people, or the internet or even peers takes away the beauty from life. We all become robots clambering to mould into one stereotype of beautiful. 


Everyone has beauty within them.


It just takes people with an open heart to see it within you. People who don’t allow superficial ideas to cloud judgement. 


I see art as a metaphor for beauty. To me art is about perception. People either fall in love with it or not. They appreciate it or not. Try to understand it or see a blank. However, we should all try and be part of a society where our perception isn’t skewed by appearance. But by morals, and character.  


That’s why you are beautiful.


I see beauty within you for who you are as an individual. 


Beauty shouldn’t be restrained and tied down to physical appearance. Ever. 


You’re all beautiful to me.


Full stop. 


1) Link back to this post in your introduction so nominees can get a brief context of the tag. In particular the opening of this post.

2) Thank your nominee.

3) Answer the questions (these are some difficult questions)

4) Tag anyone and let them know – no limit on numbers

5) Oooh tag it as beautifulistag so I can read them all!

6) Comment I am beautiful at the end of your post



1) what is your definition of beautiful

Everyone. Everyone (and everything) is beautiful or has beauty to it and I think there is no real definition to it. Beauty is more of an abstract idea, a bit of string, that is woven into different parts of our world.

2) what do you find beauty in (abstract or concrete ideas)

Definitely an abstract idea, as (leading back to the previous question) there is no one definition and one way to be beautiful.

3) when you think of beautiful, what are the first four things or words that come to mind? 

Kind, strong, smile, colours

4) a song, quote or lyric that you think sums up beauty perfectly

"Beauty is not in the face;

beauty is a light in the heart." – Kahlil Gibran

That is one amazing quote that I could find. But even then, there is more to it…

5) tell us seven reasons why you are beautiful

  • The way I work hard
  • How I laugh
  • How I make lots of (amazing) puns
  • How I am there for people
  • The way I like to give everyone a little piece of happiness
  • How I love to read
  • How I entertain people with my blog 😁

6) tell us about a time someone made you feel beautiful. how did it make you feel?

I feel beautiful when I'm happy. So when I have a good time with a friend, when we laugh a lot and just be crazy, then I am beautiful. And I feel amazing.

7) if you had to draw beautiful, how would it look?

I would paint many different colours over a canvas in patterns that don't quite make an actual image, but give an impression.

8) when was the last time you highlighted someone’s beauty to them?

Kiya once left a lovely message on my blog which made me smile so much, so I had to return the favour 🙂

Who I am tagging:

  • Jade Anna – you are an absolutely amazing blogger who writes beautiful posts which highlight your beautiful personality
  • May – you are another really beautiful blogger who fills your posts to the brim with your bubbliness
  • Tabi Bee – you are such an amazing blogger who's DIYs and blog design reflect your beautiful personality
  • Cassie – you are such a kind and beautiful person which is especially noted in your surrogacy series

After all this, with a smile on my face, I can say that I am beautiful!

Thank you once again Kiya for tagging me!

18 thoughts on “Beautiful Is Tag

  1. First of all; congratulations on 200 followers! You’ve worked really hard an deserve every follower you get!
    Secondly; thank you for tagging me! You’ve said such lovely things about me, it’s more than made my day!β˜ΊοΈπŸ’•

    Liked by 1 person

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