Airport Stress

Airport Stress title
Hi, recently you could say that I have been a bit absent (maybe I should rephrase ‘a bit‘) as I have been away travelling and haven’t had much time (or wifi) to post anything. 

But now I am back with my no. 1 airport fear.


Maybe you haven’t travelled overseas yet or your country isn’t as intense with their security measures or maybe it’s just me but I have a fear of customs (probably the latter)

I know I haven’t done anything wrong, I’ve gone through the immigration forms multiple times: checked my signature to make sure it’s the same as on my passport, declared leather that doesn’t need declaring (you’re allowed to do that, I checked) and gone through my passport to make sure I haven’t been in the Caribbean at all (an actual tick box). I have also made sure I’ve taken off every single metal item possible (even though it may not actually be metal) and dried out my water bottles so I know it’s liquid free (not liquor free, you’re allowed that 😉)

And although I know I have followed every possible airport regulation (except maybe being 3 hours early since I have a bit of a problem with following a schedule…) I get scared when I go through a metal detector, every time a dog comes up and sniffs my bag for drugs and every time I stand in the hour long exit queue.

In the end it all turns out ok and I wonder why I spent an hour worrying instead of being productive by going through social media but that’s the way I am.

Do any of you find airport security a bit daunting?


23 thoughts on “Airport Stress

  1. Loved this post! I saw your blog in Tabi Party and immediately followed. Enjoyed reading your posts and can’t wait to read more. If you are interested you can follow mine 😉 Have a safe day ❤

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  2. Yes I really do; I always get terrified of the metal detectors just in case they go off. And they did once; it was terrible 😦 you’re not the only one!!

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  3. I’m terrified of everything about flying. My most recent fear is watching the flight map on the tv screen at my seat. I stare at the time we’re supposed to land. If that time changes, even by a few minutes, I start panicking and thinking something’s wrong. Of course, turbulence is always a nightmare, too. By the way, I just noticed your blog and will follow it! I write a comedic blog, too. If you feel like taking a look, here’s the link: Best, Cathi

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