Being Decisive

Being Decisive

Hi, yes…I’m a late again… and with no April fools post prepared either. Enjoy the ‘sequel’ to last weeks post!

A big part of being creative is to make good decisions – and that can be a problem! When you think about it, you are the decisions you make! Deciding to wear one particular colour day in day out can literally colour your personality. The food you decide to eat, the people you hand around with, the car you drive … it’s all about decisions! The most important decision is the blog you decide to read – that’s why my suggestion is to hang out here! 

What do you think about all these decisions?

25 thoughts on “Being Decisive

  1. Making decisions is soo hard sometimes especially when it comes to deciding on what to post or even big decisions so I just sort of count to ten between the two options and then I pick the one that ‘loses’ 😂😂😂
    Great post! 😃❤

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  2. being indecisive about things always worries me, so i tend to make really rash and reckless decisions without thinking. whoops. but i’m definitely using your suggestion of hanging out here! also, i’ve nominated you for the mystery blogger award. have fun!

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  3. Hello! I nominated you for an award. 🙂 the post will be up Saturday morning. I’m sorry for the wait. I’m just trying to spread out my award posts a bit. I hope you understand. 😘

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