Being Creative

Being Creative Title

Life demands creative solutions to the many problems we face but just how do we enable our own creativity?

 It seems I am constantly faced with problems that demand instant solutions and yet I know that the knee jerk answers are rarely good enough. I have instituted the stop and think rule to almost every problem that comes my way – I tell myself to stop and ask myself 3 questions; What am I trying to achieve, what do I know (for sure) and what are my options for a solutions. 

That’s it and so far it is working really well. For example; I am in need of ice cream – big problem – rather than immediately going to the freezer and taking a scoop and then being found guilty later that evening, I assess the situation 1) I need ice cream, 2) I know there is ice cream in the freezer, 3) I could take a little or I could eat the whole lot. It was this last option that worked best, I ate the lot instead of a little and disposed of the container (evidence) making others think we just ran out – awesome and very creative solution!

Again! A late post, this is turning into a bad habit! A sequel of this post will be coming next week, so watch out for it…

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