Awkward Situations

Awkward Situations Title
No matter how I try to avoid them – they are unavoidable – so rather than worry about them, it’s time to embrace them! You can’t remember a name – just ignore it! You arrive at work in your pyjamas after a late night, say you are raising money for a worthwhile cause (because all worthwile causes need you to wear your pajamas)! You arrived at a birthday party without a present, say that it’s the thought that you actually came that counts most!
I know, I missed my posting schedule, I’m a terrible person. But not entirely as I did bring you this quick post which will liven up your week. 
What sort of awkward situations have you gotten into? 

20 thoughts on “Awkward Situations

  1. Ahh!! That moment when a person just said something i didn’t hear and now is staring at me, expecting a reply…. My head goes blank and the best i can do is just nod my head, laugh and say “Oh yeah!”.
    But it gets awkward when i realize the person actually asked me a question and now clearly knows i didn’t hear a word! 😂😅

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  2. I remember tripping over my shoelaces on my way to the entrance of a building.A very huge sound was made by the impact.Thank God only the receptionist was the only one who witnessed the situation at that time!

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