Good Intentions vs. Motivation

Good Intentions vs. Motivation Title
I often find myself starting multiple things with good intentions… but keeping it up… not so much.
I have started a bullet journal (going ish so far as I only remember it around 2 days a week) which has an excercise challenge in it, and annoyingly I have to keep restarting the challenge because I forget about it or don’t have enough motivation to do it at that moment (I’ll do it later! Which I obviously won’t…). So on random days in December and January, I have been doing a 20 second plank when I have meant to be moving up to 30 seconds, then 40 then finally 5 minutes! At least I’m becoming a pro at the 20 second plank… because that is extremely hard (sarcasm is very thick here). 

In my journal, I colour in the day of the challenge which I have completed, and on top (because I’m not bothered to rub out coloured pencil) I have all sorts of symbols saying which one I’m up to. So far I have only completed 3 straight days…and that’s including a rest day on the push up challenge. Good job me, I am so fit.

Hopefully I can -push up- my motivation skills!

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