You Should Try It

You Should Try It Title
I am constantly pressured to try new foods. 

“Here, have some crab.”

I don’t like squid, crayfish, or any other seafood you have ever offered me! Why should I try some crab?

“Because it’s always good to try new things, you might like it.”

And I know I should try all these foods but I just don’t want to, and I don’t know why. I wish I had an open mind, where I could reach over, pierce the crab with my fork and say I love it! But unfortunately, I don’t work that way.

Instead, I look at it in disgust when it is put on my plate. As everyone else is enjoying their beautiful meal, I’m sitting there eating around the crab and hoping I can find an excuse to leave the table before I am confronted with it being the only thing left. Unfortunately, I have never had the luck to find an excuse.

I quickly fill up my glass with water, so that if it is as disgusting as I feared, I can quickly swallow it down without an aftertaste (which I usually do with mushrooms). I quickly put a little bit in my mouth and swallow it, yuck. Now for the rest…

It probably was an ok crab, and I wouldn’t have minded it as much if I didn’t have the built up apprehension , and the pressure not to like it (if you say you don’t like something then someone insists you try it because they think you will like it, you must then not like it because otherwise they will be right, and they have power to gloat and offer you more food in the future). 

  Then again maybe I’m jut making a meal out of all this. Do any of you have the same issue when trying new foods?

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