Accidental Following

Accidental Following Title
Today I thought I’d blog about one of the most stressful things about blogging. If you haven’t read the title yet, no, it’s not about trying to stick to your schedule and rushing to finisish the post before midnight like you said you would, and no, it’s not when you spend hours and hours tagging people.

This post is about accidental following.

When you accidentally click that conveniently placed follow button when you’re only trying to do something else, anything other than this. But suddenly you’re a follower, someone who likes this persons blog and would like to receive every notification about what they’re posting. Dilemma.

You want to unfollow, because although this said person’s blog is probably really good, it’s just not for you. But you’d feel terrible, because a notification is still going to be sent, ‘Very Punny is now following your blog.’ And that person gets really excited (because I’m so famous) and goes to makes sure it’s true and-

-And I’m gone from the following list, because it was just not meant to be. 

In reality, the person may not even care or not even bother to check, and eventually forget about you, but it still pains me.

Do any of you have the same problem? 

15 thoughts on “Accidental Following

  1. It did happen to me, but only once. I couldn’t bring myself to unfollow though. I have also accidentally unfollowed someone, then quickly followed them again. They must have thought I was an indecisive idiot!

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  2. OH ABSOLUTELY. The heart palpitations I get when I’m kind of exploring someone’s blog and click the follow button is just too painful. Also, when I unfollow a person I’ve been following since the beginning of their blog (because Anj’s fingers are clumsy as heck and the browser wasn’t fast enough to load the whole menu bar, *click awaayyyy mode on*) unintentionally, then realise in horror what I’ve done and quickly hit that blue button again. And then BAM. There you go, friendship ruined. I HATE it when this happens to me. πŸ™ˆ

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  3. Oh yeah!! I know this feeling…
    One second i’m just going through their blog and them BAM i clicked the follow button accidently!! Then there is this moment where i just stare at the screen for a few second and then it hits me – Oh no! Oh no! Oh no!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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