I have a love-hate relationship with autocorrect.

I love it when you don’t know how to spell something and it corrects the word for you so that you don’t be embarrassed when your friend points it out (when your texting).

“Hey, you spelt you’re wrong.”

But then you have those times when YOU’RE HAVING A SHOUTING MATCH and autocorrect decides to say: hang on a minute, you need to use lower case.

“NO, I KNOW HOW TO spell”

It just ruins the flow. Or it does it the other way, when your writing an important email and you find out that ‘the’ has autocorrected to ‘THE’ just as you sent it (no, I don’t hold a grudge for this one, totally).

But then you reflect again on the happy times. When you’re tired of writing really long sentences over and over, and autocorrect just remembers it for you.

Or when you’re not bothered to open the emoji keyboard, and when you type ‘flower’ the 🌺 emoji comes up on portable devices.

And it’s also great for those times you need a little entertainment, and you just press one of the autocorrect things to see what comes up:

The only problem is it crashes ur name to it it says I am going on a website.

I mean, it got the website part right.

I could go on all day about autocorrect. What do you think of it?

11 thoughts on “Autocorrect

  1. My phone has this weird thing going on. It cannot stand seeing me type the names of fictional characters. Like, here I’m typing, ‘Aslan’ and here is my phone giving out ‘Asian’, ‘Allan’ and ‘Alien’. Well, I think I need to auto-correct YOU Qwerty. 😂

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