Doodling Hobby

My Doodling Hobby Title
I wouldn’t consider myself an artist, although I can finally draw a sorta realistic eye without copying something. I wouldn’t even consider myself a doodler (not a professional one anyway), I’d say I’m more of a swirler (or a FANTASTIC stick figure drawer).

In all my notebooks you might find a swirl which looks like a wave (if you look at it sideways and really far away) or a leaf (which is ruined by too many swirls) or  even a decorative letter (decorative, I didn’t say awesome, although that is very true).

Here are some examples:

Pink corner swirl
Blue wave swirl
Stick Figure Drawing
(Oops, how did that stunning drawing get in there.)

In other words, I have a doodling problem. I promise myself I won’t draw on the back of that extremely important paper, but guess what. At the end of that boring day it is covered with tons of random swirls. It’s not even interesting to look out, unlike designs from SerendipiDIY or Busy Bee, the only thing it’s interesting for, is to draw.

One day I’ll teach myself to draw something different (without the need to copy something), but for now I’ll work on my swirls (I’m sorry poor people of the world who have to witness my experimentation).

Please let me know what you think of this post!

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