Random Acts of Kindness – Day 2

Random Acts of Kindness - Day 2 Title
Today I wrote some notes, things such as: you have a lovely smile and laugh, you are an amazing cook, you are very dedicated etc. I then stuck these notes in appropriate places around the house, where people would find them. I enjoyed writing them and imagining my housemates smiling, having a chuckle (at stupid notes like ‘you have a great walking style’). 

In undercover mode I snuck around the house and at times placing notes while the note intendee was in the same room! That is what you call stressful. I had to subtly put the note in front of them while pretending I was part of the shadows.

The notes were a success, I loved hearing the exclaims of surprise and happiness. And funnily enough, I didn’t want them to know that it was me who set out the notes (my messy handwriting gave me away *sigh*). I don’t know why I felt embarrassed about everyone knowing who it was, but I would have rather remained anonymous (like I am on this blog, well… as much as I can while sharing my life story).

Day 2 was a success!! What is in store for day 3 I wonder.

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