Random Acts of Kindness

Random Acts of Kindness Title

It’s not RAK day but what would happen if I gave everyone who followed my blog $10? I probably wouldn’t lose that much money 😂.
No, I’m not going to give out money, but I am going to conduct a 3 day experiment to see what happens if I go around doing random acts of kindness. Will I get free discounts? Will I get actually entertaining jokes? Will I finally get some friends (or help some one out)? I don’t know, but this 3 day saga will be entertaining (I hope), so stick around and have a couple of laughs. You might hear about a couple of failed encounters with human beings or a kindness gone wrong (most likely). Please Enjoy!

I’d also like to mention that I have started a quotes blog (you can find it here), and I’d really appreciate some feedback (I won’t be updating that one as regularly as this one though). 

On the topic of blog posts (yes, we talked about that. No, I didn’t make that up 😁), I won’t be updating this blog every day , it will be now every two days (excluding this mini series) as life has now gotten into the way of things (maybe one day I’ll blog every year, freedom for all of you reading this!).

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