Clothes Shopping

Clothes Shopping Title
I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed going clothes shopping (maybe never). It is just a mind numbing task of trying on clothes and sorting through racks, and remembering where clothes go after trying them on. Tedious. 

I can still remember when I used to go clothes shopping with my mum, we’d break out into all sorts of arguments. I wasn’t enthusiastic enough and I didn’t try on enough clothes (even though I had already done a quick scan of the shop and had found nothing I would have liked to try on). Sometimes I’d just agree to buy clothes to keep my mum satisfied and to show that I was ‘trying’, when I hated the sight of them. Wasteful, I know. I regret it now.

My (immense) dislike of shopping comes down to the choice – there are just so many things to choose from (which means extra trips to the change rooms, joy.). Does it look ok, will it work with other clothes, will I have to iron it, can I afford it, do I really need it? It’s that last question that I mostly answer “no” to that has me walk out of the store. I’m happy in lasts years comfort clothes thank you very much!

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