Wardrobe Weather

Wardrobe Weather Title
I always find that weather forecasts don’t really give an accurate representation of the weather. I mean they do, telling you the temperature and all, but how do I know what to wear? When I go outside should I wear a light cardigan or just a t-shirt? Do I need to put sunscreen on, and/or wear a hat?
When I see a weather forecast and is says 20°C (68°F) I can never remember what it felt like on another day that it was the same temperature, and even if I did, the humidity levels would be different making it feel hotter or colder than it really is.

What we really need on a weather station is a wardrobe where they get people to wear all sorts of clothes to show what the weather will feel like. And then we can pick out our similar clothes and bam, no more dilemma! Or even better, we could each have our own specialised program where the reporter goes outside in our clothes (go see community channels video about that here)

Unfortunately if they did solve that, I’d have nothing else to complain about…

Note – I did use Natalie’s (community channel) idea about the ‘what weather reports should be’, but I did change it to suit my thoughts.

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