Word Pronunciation 

Word Pronunciation Title
This post is inspired by Literary Panda.

I always swap between word pronounciations, one day I might say graph and dance and the next I say grarph and darnce. It is always a constant struggle, sometimes I might even change the pronounciation in the same sentence: “Check the graphs, this one clearly says 2.5 while this grarph says 3”. 

I’ve had multiple debates with a friend about the word advertisements and many a debate with myself about every other word in the English language! Go me, great job.

One day I hope to settle this dispute with myself, but for now (like Literary Panda) I will have to resort to changing one pronounciation just as I’m saying the other – daaar-aaance.

7 thoughts on “Word Pronunciation 

  1. I have a tendency to mispronounce words on a regular basis. My friends inform hey btw did you realise you’ve being saying *insert word* wrong for your entire life. Me *adds it to the extending list of words I can’t say*

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  2. You know what the most frustrating problem the Harry Potter fandom can have? J.K Rowling stating, that, Voldemort is pronounced without the ‘t’. *ahahahahaa*

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      1. I know, I saw that bit of trivia on Pinterest and was just like, “Uhhhhh wait.a.minute.The world is turning upside down.”

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