The Kissing Emoji πŸ˜˜

I have had multiple friends (who are girls) send me this kissing emoji when they are sending a good bye text,and only recently have I had a friend who has encouraged me to send it back. She explained that it’s a thing that people send to good friends who they feel comfortable around, and it is also appropriate to say love ya, love u, love you (or any other variation of that phrase).

So I took my first baby steps and sent the emoji a while later (I wasn’t ready to say love ya yet) – immediately backed up by FRIENDS FIRENDS FRIENDS FRIENDS FRIENDS just in case it wasn’t clear. Yeah… that went well…

 I have made much progress since that time, having already sent the dreaded emoji to TWO WHOLE FRIENDS (I had to clarify as people might have mistaken them for not being whole) and said love u at least more than once!! But after every one of those texts I still feel like I have to send another clarification of FRIENDS FRIENDS FRIENDS (although I have refrained from doing this and embarrassing myself further).
Do any of you have the same problem? If you do,please let me know.

FRIENDS clarification

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